Mailing AddressYOSV, PO Box 642098, San Jose, CA 95164­2098, USA
Tel(408) 253-5998
Our Mission
By giving diverse concerts and performances in our multicultural community, Youth Orchestra Silicon Valley (YOSV) nurtures young musicians from all ethnic groups through discipline, cooperation, and pride in cultural heritage.
Board of Trustees
PresidentFrank Sun, PhD
SecretaryYunzhang Pei, PhD
TreasurerMelody Pan
MembersYannie Wang
Shujin Ou
Shu-Ling Liu
Youth Orchestra Silicon Valley (YOSV) is built up on a successful experience of Firebird Youth Chinese Orchestra (FYCO). Since the start of FYCO in 2000, it has collaborated with a number of symphonies, orchestras, and conservatories of music. Not only did its artistic director write music for Chinese ensembles, but also for Western orchestras. In addition to teaching Chinese instruments, some of its faculty members teach Western instruments as well. Several FYCO graduates chose music as their major in college because they had been nurtured by its education program. All of these coming to a point for the birth of YOSV.

Playing music helps students develop their creativity. To boost one’s brainpower, a very effective way is orchestra practice. Through music activities, students coordinate their fingers, ears, eyes, brain, and mind. YOSV offers such a place for playing music which is eventually investing in brain growth.

Music requires a lot of teamwork. Establishing an understanding with each other and in a larger group helps students build up a positive attitude toward themselves, others, their community, and life. Performing techniques are important to a team, yet a peaceful mind, loving heart, and being completely immersed in the music are other keys to making good music. With a strong teamwork, YOSV brings the happiness and harmony to all.