Orchestra Program 2014–2015
Date and TimeSaturday, Oct 25–May 16
3:30–5:30 PM
Annual Tuition$600
Class LocationMusic Department in Fine Arts Center
San Jose City College
2100 Moorpark Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128
Driving Direction

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Initial Solos

Students are encouraged to play solos. If they aim at performing a concerto in a concert hall, YOSV can assist. If they would like to play in a school talent show, a community cultural event, or a family celebrate party, we could help them in this aspect as well.

Playing a short piece, 3-5 minutes, or even shorter, is recommended. The purpose of the program is to help students build up and strengthen their attitude towards accomplishing their goals. The students will greatly improve in handling their tasks and being proud in their achievements.

This program and the chamber group may also include stage appearance and speech training. These programs are not necessarily offered semester-long, but by the request of students and their families.

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Chamber Music

Chamber music can be presented as a trio, quartet, quintet, or any combination of string and wind instruments, including Eastern and Western instruments. A small group of players will intimately show their technique and collaborative skills.

Playing in a chamber group will enhance students’ responsibility in an immediate matter. They need to play their part well, listen to others, and communicate appropriately. Through the practice, not only will the students achieve a higher level in performing their instruments, but also in collaboration and teamwork.

Any student who would like to take an extra activity other than the orchestra’s is welcome to participate in a chamber group. A teacher will help you to ensure your achievement.

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Concert Soloist

YOSV welcomes young soloists to join our rehearsals and concerts. The soloists may be winners of competitions, or advanced players with outstanding performing skills and music expressions.

Music is generally produced by teamwork, yet some musicians, like pianists and harpists, may not have many opportunities to play with an orchestra. YOSV provides a great chance for young soloists to enhance their talents. An excellent soloist always retains good communication with the conductor while leading the orchestra. Only through real collaborations can the soloist obtain such a valuable experience.

We encourage soloists playing any kind of instruments to play with YOSV. If there is no proper repertoire, you may think of a commissioned composition, resulting in a unique and special performance.

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Music Education
While YOSV focuses on orchestral music performances, instrument lessons are provided by Aimusic School in the same campus. The 2014-15 beginner Western instrument group is now open for new students. The class takes place on:

Saturday, September 6 – May 16, 13:30–15:20
Keyboard, Violin, Cello
SJCC Music Dept.

One-on-One lessons are also available for any level and any age of students. More information can be found at aimusic.us.

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