Zhang Yu
Executive Director
Saturday Afternoon Rehearsals

Our rehearsals take place in Saturday afternoons, which is convenient for most parents and students. I cordially invite all capable young musicians who have not participated in an orchestra to come and join YOSV. Almost all symphonies with 50 years history or longer are our old brothers. We have to learn from them in many aspects.

Acoustic Classrooms

Rehearsing in San Jose City College music department, YOSV has an excellent environment for playing music. The classrooms, practice studios, and recital hall are well equipped with acoustic device. It is lifetime beneficial for musicians because it prevents their ears from being damaged by noise. This device also helps players concentrate on listening, the nature of this aural art, and identify authentic sounds from all different instruments.

More Performing Opportunities

YOSV will bring some extended opportunities for students who would like to learn and explore more beyond regular activities. The students may play their music in front of a small group of audience, introduce their repertoire, directly hear feedbacks, and even have a conversation with all the players and listeners. Through a warmly interacting relationship, the students may gain much from this.

Nurturing Harmony and Happiness

Through playing music, we would like to cultivate students’ confidence, self-esteem, discipline, teamwork spirit, wisdom, and intellectuality. I hope YOSV will give everyone unique experiences because nurturing and sharing happiness and harmony is our final goal.